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Cultural Village gathering in Tommerup 2016

Tommerup is the host of a new great cultural village gathering in the summer and fall of 2016. 

The gatherings will take place in the weekend of august 5.-8., and the weekend of october 7.-10. 

The central theme for the weekends will be "village games"  and will take place and action at a big marked in Tommerup St. 

As far it is possible the participants will be accommodated in local homes, but accommodation can occur at schools, hostels and at tentsites, if we can not find a sufficient number of hosts for all the participants.

Continuous updates of the village gathering  will be availble on this page

We will gladly receive messages and questions from our guests in the cultural villages, as well from local citizens.



There has been a great interest among our cultural village friends in this years cultural village gathering in Tommerup. Last reunion was a couple of years ago, and people really want to meet again in Tommerup.

We have invitet 20-25 people per village, but many of the villages would like to bring even more participants and the Cultural Village Association is working overtime to try and find more host families. 

Weekend #1 - August 5-8. 2016
- Wijk ann Zee, Holland
- Kirchheim, Austria
- Mellionnec, France
- Ströbeck, Germany
- Killingi Nomme, Estonia
- Bystré, Czech Republic
Weekend #2 - October 7-10, 2016
- Paxos, Greece
- Palkonya, Hungary
- Pergine Valdarno, Italy
- Porrúa, Spain


14 - 18 Guest arrival and welcome in Højfynshallen
18.30 - 20.30 Dinner will be served (There will be served Danish smørrebrød provided by the         hostfamilies)
During the night there will be danish music as well as music from some of the other villages.
Allocation of the guest to the hostfamilies. 

8 - 11   Preparation of the market, setting up stands and preparing the playground on the square in Tommerup st and Tallerup school sportsarea.

11.00  Official opening of the market and Villagegames

12 - 13 Villagegames start

13 - 14 Lunch for the village guests

14 - 15 Villagegames continues

16.00 The market ends

19.00 Dinner and party for the village games in Højfynshallen

Music, dance and song



Sunday will be a excursion day. 

The association has planned a series of excursion for the guest to choose from. The excursion indludes a trip Nårup Sawmill, to Hørvævsmuseet, to Hanne and Lars' organic farm, bikerides, riding the railbikes (only in august), fieldtrip with the boyscouts (only in october) with a campfire and other activities. We will bring more information on these activities once the agreements are settled. 



Goodbye and departure for our guests. 

Changes to the program may occur. 


Please communicate with us through this website.
- Please tell us if the chosen weekend still is allright for your village?!
- Please tell us how many people are coming from your village 
- Let us know if you have particular people you would like to stay with 
Futher informations will follow on this page.
We are really looking forward to seeing all the villages in 2016!
Best wishes from 
Cultural Village Tommerup


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